CARO - Cat's Pyjamas
music video

The world portrayed in television ads from the 90s is certainly a better one. Perhaps that was it – on the brink of technology we have today was when human civilisation peaked. And so what is left for us but to look back and try to absorb bits of wisdom we still relate to. As we take a look at what’s hidden underneath those bright grins, the facade of glorious consumption, the madness starts to creep out of the VHS static in Caro‘s latest music video.

What could possibly go wrong?

music by

directed by
Szymon Wyrzykowski

produced by
Gabrielle Salonga

shot by
Rory Power

director assisted by
Finbarr Pine

camera assisted by
Adam Waugh

production assisted by
Matt George Lovett

production designed by
Gareth Rowntree

costume & make-up
Elissa Morton

original treatment by
Xinlu Qi

editing & compositing
Szymon Wyrzykowski


Eric Colvin
as Hide the Pain Harold

Sarah Dyas
as the Infommercial Presenter

Candice Palladio
as the Mother

Pako Fajer
as the Smoking Model

Illyrian Bushi
as the Cereal Teenager

Anais Jessica Berinde
Demi Lea-Fox
Nelly Thomas
as Tie Dye Girls

Mark Cains
as the Coffee Man

Rory Dowding
as the Board Game Kid

Noah Christie &
Talulah Christie
as the Board Game Teenagers

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