HENGE - Mushroom One
music video

The Illustrated History of Mushroom One tells the mythological origins of HENGE, following their psychedelic odyssey through the pre-intelligent universe. A collaborative project involving illustrators from all around the world and bringing their art to life with EbSynth by Secret Weapons.

music by

directed by
Gareth Rowntree & Finbarr Pine

shot by
Szymon Wyrzykowski

directors assisted by
Ella Samoles-Little

camera assisted by
Adam Waugh

compositing by
Gareth Rowntree
& Szymon Wyrzykowski

lead illustrations by
Dmytro Bidnyak
Taufiq Permana
David Adrián Rivero

backgrounds by
Verdiana Pagnano
Silvia Sperduta

space illustrations by

ship design by
James Coutts

3D henge by
Stefan Senior

additional illustrations by
Cristina Arctor
Monika Garvalova
Maria Leontieva
Will Morley
Kishore Padma

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