short documentary film

When we have exhausted our world to a burnt out husk, what will we do then?
The 20th century paradigm was:
Well, we’ll go out and find new planets, new resources, boldly to go where no man has etc.
But, for your nephew or niece already prospecting for diamonds and platinum on some verdant virtual paradise,
tending to bizzarre pets or diving for pearls…
Sure, if you want to see Mars, well,
I’ll build one for you in twenty minutes because there is nothing there, it’s a vast desert of red dust
and it holds no more interest than the Moon’s gray desert or Venus’ sea of inert gasses.
I mean… there is no excitement.

We will create new worlds to inhabit, perfect on a sensory level.
Hyper-reality, full of beings beyond human, above nature – post-human deities.
So for this generation, the answer will not be in travelling outwards, but in voyaging inwards.
Our very being being projected infinitely across what was once called – The Internet.

Directed and edited by Finbarr Pine & Daniel Tunç
Produced by Jordan Knights
Shot by Szymon Wyrzykowski
Assistant Director: Gareth Rowntree
Sound Recording & Design: Ryan o’Connor
Music by JHAS

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