short sci-fi film

Mariana 627 is a short sci-fi short about Kurt, a lone technician aboard a remote monitoring outpost deep in space, who finally gets a chance to leave his station and make the long journey home. But before he can, he must first train an interfacing AI system named iZAK to run the facility in his absence.

Douglas Utting as Kurt

Douglas Utting & Ryan O’Connor

directed by
Gareth Rowntree & Finbarr Pine

shot by
Rory Power & Szymon Wyrzykowski

edited by
Jakub Adamčík

with original score by
Josh Gray

written by
Matt George Lovett & Chris Mitchell

lit by
Connor Adkins

VFX by
Gareth Rowntree & Szymon Wyrzykowski

produced by
Gareth Rowntree

sound recorded and designed by
Sven Mattes

coloured by
Xinlu Qi


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